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Interesting Post… 8/10/2009 through 8/16/2009

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Interesting Post… 8/10/2009 through 8/16/2009
It’s Sunday morning and I’m enjoying my first cup of coffee of the day… decided it was time to do the third installment of my “Interesting Post…” update.
Every week I am amazed at the amount of great content out there just to be had for the taking. Thanks very much to all the great bloggers out there taking time to share their thoughts with the rest of us!
Interesting posts from the week of 8/10/2009… through 8/16/209
Friday Round Up
Quote of the Day
The Minimalist Principle: Omit Needless Things
Kanban for process improvement
The PO is part of the team, get over it!
Project Charter – Agile Project
13 Scalability Best Practices
10 questions with Mike Cottmeyer
Interview with Alistair on InformIT 2009
What is a large project?
Top People in the Agile Business Intelligence and Agile Data Warehousing ..
Running for the Agile Alliance board
Work as Play
Follow the Baton Not the Runner
Managers are not Super-You’s…
PMI Agile – Debate or Learning Opportunity?
5 Wrong Reasons To Apply Kanban
Defining Agile Management – part 1
COBOL: Everywhere and Nowhere
Married to the Mob
The effect of values on system development project outcomes
Next Leading Agile on Alltop

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