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Interesting Post… 8/17/2009 through 8/22/2009

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Interesting Post… 8/17/2009 through 8/22/2009
Only have a minute today… all packed and ready for Agile 2009. Heading to the airport in an hour or so and need to spend a little time with the family ;-) Anyway… if you missed any of these posts on Twitter this week… here is your chance to catch up.
Interesting Posts from 8/17/2009 through 8/22/2009
Thanks for leading
An Open Challenge
Getting to Business Value
Top 10 reasons why you want your boss to read your blog
Not every question has a right answer
Conference wiki
I come to bury Agile, not to praise it
Come and play at Agile 2009
Defect Prevention
Quote of the Day
Is Project Management a profession?
Percent Complete?
PMI coming to learn at Agile 2009
The Secret To Delivering On Time
Agile 2009: 1-on-1 Consulting – Get free Assistance from an Agile Expert
PMI Agile Launch Event @ Agile 2009
Beating fear
Use personas to find your way in the program
7 Reasons Why Pair Programming Makes Sense
Real Engineers
What’s a good measure of an Agile project manager’s success?
Agile Tour Toronto
Next Thoughts on #Agile2009

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