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The Agile PMI Community of Practice

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: The Agile PMI Community of Practice

The Agile PMI Community of Practice officially launches next week at the Agile 2009 conference… and there are LOTS of things going on!

For the full scoop on all the week’s happenings… visit the PMI Agile Wiki to get all the details about receptions… events… and speakers. If you are going to are be in Chicago for the conference… if you are interested in Agile Project Management… you NEED to show up… and more importantly… learn how to get involved. I am planning to be at all the kick-off events and many of the sessions. If you happen to see me… please come up… say hi… and let me know if you have any questions.

On a related note… way back when Jesse Fewell decided to start this project… I had been involved helping to create a space for some discussion and arranging a little kick-off cash. When it came time for the real work… my schedule was too crazy… and I had to bail. Jesse let me off the hook the first time around… but now that the organization is a reality… he has asked me to come back and help the team.

For the next year… I have agreed to serve as a deputy Product Owner for the team… with the plan being to assume primary Product Owner responsibilities in year two. My schedule hasn’t settled down at all… maybe with the book gotten a little crazier… but this was an opportunity I just couldn’t turn down.

At the end of the day… no matter what I do… no matter where I am in an organization… I am a Project Manager. I think like a Project Manager… I act like a Project Manager… and I really like Project Managers. So… I accepted this role because I want to help Project Managers… and organizations… have more effective project management.

My goal is to evangelize to the PMI membership… help them understand why agile works… and why they need agile tools in their toolkit. I am also interested in bridging the gap the other way. I want to help the agile community get some value out of this relationship and learn where and when some of the stuff from the PMBOK can actually be useful.

It will be an interesting year! I hope to see you all in Chicago.

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Comments (2)

  1. Paul Boos

    Sigh, wish I could make it to Chicago. I really like the idea of bridging these two communities if for nothing else to help senior management understand that being Agile does not throw away the values they know.


  2. Mike Cottmeyer

    We'd love to have you… maybe you guys could raise taxes a bit to free up some cash… maybe you could get some of that stimulus money to make it happen ;-)

    We'll definitely miss you contribution.


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