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Interesting Post… 9/13/2009 through 9/20/2009

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Interesting Post… 9/13/2009 through 9/20/2009

Sunday morning… still raining here in the ATL. Let’s get down to business. Here are all the most interesting posts from this past week. Hope you enjoy.

Interesting posts from 9/13/2009 through 9/20/2009
Project Management 2.0 – How Can It Be Described
How do you measure software quality?
Do What’s Effective For You
Have you heard of KanBan?
Theory of Constraints and Big Agile
The Poppendiecks on Lean
How to Be Childlike
Creative Solution Finding and Big Agile
The Problem With Planning
The empowered consumer yesterday, today, and tomorrow
Scrum and Kanban – Like Chocolate and Peanutbutter
What Does It Mean To Have A Plan?
More on Servant Leadership
Performance without Appraisal: Build Feedback into the System
Time, Budget, Scope
against kanban part 2
Using User Stories
Mockups and Simulated Data helps with Agile Development
One Piece Flow — Transitioning from Scrum to Kanban Part II
Transitioning From Scrum to Kanban, Part 1 of 3
Next Change is the only constant...

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