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Interesting Post… 9/6/2009 through 9/12/2009

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Interesting Post… 9/6/2009 through 9/12/2009
Time for another (almost) weekly installment of Interesting Post. Every week I feel like the number of agile related articles was pretty light… but then I go to build this post… and realize there was a ton of great content out there. I guess I just want more ;-)
One thing to keep in mind though. I think these are ALL great articles… very insightful… very interesting… but I don’t necessarily agree with every point they make. I chose the tag “Interesting Post…” very carefully. I share these posts because I think they contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way… sometimes I agree… sometimes I don’t. So with that…
Interesting posts from 9/6/2009 to 9/12/2009
Friday Round Up
Plan the Work – Work the Plan
Agile is never ‘no process’
ScrumBut – Part 5 – Retrospective after every sprint
Leading by saying No – The New CIO Series
An Irrational Approach to Change Management
Business Agility – Dynamism or Stasis
ScrumBut – Part 3 – Daily Scrum
Managing Leaky Organizations
Download “Do It Yourself Agile” For Free!
Eliminate Architecture
Time, Budget, Scope – Pick Two – NOT TRUE
For $65/pp, Send Your Whole Team to Agile Training in Boston Oct 5th
Many Contracts Have Wrong Focus
The faster we go, the tighter we cling
Achievable avalanche opportunities
Applying the Decoupling Principle to Scrum
Quote of the Day
Project Failure Sins and How to Stop These Sins
ScrumBut – Part 2 – Team members sit together
Why I Hate Document Templates
ScrumBut – Part 1 – Timeboxed Iterations
ScrumBut – Part 0 – Introduction
Toward a Next Generation Capability Maturity Model
On Paper I Was Once a Millionaire
Run this one through Babelfish…
The Best Leadership Is Good Management
D = V * T : The formula in software DeVelopmenT to get features DONE
Next Coming to Consensus

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