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Interesting Post… 10/17/2009 through 10/25/2009

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Interesting Post… 10/17/2009 through 10/25/2009

Okay… so the hard reality is that these aren’t going to happen every week. Actually… I suspect that this might be my last ‘Interesting Post…’ summary for the next couple of weeks. I’m getting ready to head off for two weeks straight travel so I might be lucky to get even a regular blog post or two out while I am gone. As you guys know… traveling can be hit or miss with me. Sometimes I get out there and am inspired… sometimes traveling wears me out. No idea how this trip will play out ;-) Anyway… more on my travel schedule and upcoming speaking engagements in the next post… for now it is time for another installment of ‘Interesting Post…’


Scale in London

Self-Organization vs. Evolution

The Agile Playground #2

Standard work in Agile development

The effect of adding new people to project teams

Scrum, Bikram Yoga and The Attention Economy

Challenges with Daily Stand-ups…

Why Project Managers Fail

Is Kanban A Relabeling of Scrum?


Agile Business Service Management

PMBOK v4 and Agile mappings

Solution Verification and Validation

Agile is treating another disease

Next Mike Cottmeyer on Tour

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