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Interesting Post… 11/1/2009 through 11/8/009

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Interesting Post… 11/1/2009 through 11/8/009

Got a interesting story for you guys…

Arrived in the Copenhagen airport today for my 11:10 AM flight back to Atlanta. I looked up on the board… no flight to Atlanta. I went over to the Information Desk and the lady tells me that there was a flight on the 7th… and another scheduled for the 9th… but no flight on the 8th. Hmmmmmmmm. Since Delta does not have local gate agents, we head over to the servicing organization that handles Delta ticketing. Apparently, Delta has decided that they aren’t going to fly direct from Copenhagen to Atlanta on Sunday anymore. Kimi and I are booked on the Monday flight.

Well… we had a VERY helpful agent in Copenhagen that called and talked to a VERY UNHELPFUL agent in Atlanta. I am starting to see a CLEAR pattern with Delta phone agents. Apparently, there was only one other flight back to Atlanta today , and unfortunately the gate for that flight had just closed. Delta was willing to move us to a SkyTeam partner, but not to another airline to get us home as planned. Come to find out, the agent in Atlanta was wrong and there WAS another flight back to Atlanta, through Paris, that was going to leave in a few hours. Our agent in Copenhagen got us on that flight. This guy was my hero today… he was seriously dedicated to providing outstanding customer service.

Here is the lesson learned. About six weeks ago, I did get an email from Delta telling me that my fight had been changed. I get these messages all the time, but up until this point they had only communicated small schedule changes or seat assignments. I didn’t catch that they had canceled my flight and moved me to an airplane on an entirely different day. I am not sure if I should be mad at Delta or mad at myself for not paying more attention. I guess I’ll take responsibility and be mad at myself. Kimi and I are going to be a few hours late back to Atlanta tonight, but I am very happy to be going home.

With all that drama as a backdrop… this weeks installment of ‘Interesting Post’ is coming to you from the Startbuck’s in CPH Terminal 3. Hope you guys enjoy!

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