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Interesting Post… 11/30/2009 through 12/6/2009

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Interesting Post… 11/30/2009 through 12/6/2009

Hey… it’s been a few weeks since an installment of Interesting Post update. I have to apologize for not being consistent with these, but I hate doing these summary posts when I’m not generating other new content… it feels kinda like cheating ;-)

That said, I managed to push out a few real posts this week, so I am feeling pretty good about doing one of these Twitter summaries. It has been a pretty good week for agile content on the net… so sit back… get ready… and enjoy this weeks installment of Interesting Post…

Agile Design: Intentional Yet Emergent

Where’s the PM in PM 2.0?

Proof that Agile Works

Where’s the PM in PM 2.0?

The Agile Bargains

Double Wake-up

Preparing for Agile – Modular Writing

New to agile? Remember the power of automation

Why the Performance Measurement Baseline is the basis of project success

Making Agile Requirements Work-NO 6

Agile Principles

A Social Architecture for Agility

How Many SW Projects Have No Concern About Budget or Schedule?

Four Kinds of Trust (2): Earn Trust from Your People

Don’t Call it Waste

How to Want Very Little

Quote of the Day

Next Who Cares About Value?

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