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Speaking at SQE Agile Dev Practices… West

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Speaking at SQE Agile Dev Practices… West

This year SQE is doing a combined conference in Vegas. There is the normal Better Software Conference and Expo, but this year they are doubling up and offering an Agile Development Practices West. I was fortunate to do my Agile PMP talk last year at both Better Software in Vegas and again at Agile Dev Practices in Orlando. The fact that SQE is offering both of these events in a single event, and for one low price, is absolutely amazing.

This year I decided to take a different approach with my conference submissions. Rather than talk about the whole Agile PMP thing, I want to talk more about the ideas Dennis and I are writing about in the book and what I am doing working for Pillar. It is so important that people know and understand the big picture when the decide to start down this path of agile transformation. This isn’t just a project level set of issues… agile transformations ultimately impact nearly every part of the business. We need to talk more about this…

Scaling Agile Adoption

Agile methodologies are helping teams deliver software faster and with much higher quality than ever before. Given the success of agile at the team level, many managers are exploring the possibility of implementing these methodologies across the entire product delivery organization. These managers launch their adoption efforts only to uncover many common myths, misperceptions, and obstacles that derail their efforts before they really get started. Organizations fail to become agile because they don’t understand what makes agile teams work.

Mike Cottmeyer describes a roadmap for agile adoption that begins with teams and demonstrates how teams work together to deliver more complex projects and portfolios. Mike expands the team concept to include capabilities and shows how capabilities can be organized to optimize value across the enterprise value stream. At each step of the adoption process, Mike will demonstrate how to choose the policies, practices, and metrics that create learning and drive sustainable organizational change.

Mike’s Bio

Mike Cottmeyer is the Vice-President and General Manager of Pillar Technology Southeast. Pillar Technology is a leading provider of agile transformation services helping companies develop the technical practices and leadership competencies required for sustainable organizational change.

Prior to joining Pillar, Mike was a product consultant and agile evangelist for VersionOne. Mike has twenty years of experience leading IT initiatives using a combination of traditional, agile, and lean project management best practices. Mike is a certified PMP Project Manager and a certified ScrumMaster.
Mike speaks internationally on the topic of Agile Project Management and blogs at Mike co-authored the paper “Rethinking the Agile Enterprise” for the Cutter Consortium and is writing a book on Agile transformations for Addison-Wesley.

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