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Agile Training from Mike Cottmeyer and Pillar

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Agile Training from Mike Cottmeyer and Pillar

A few weeks ago, I put together a custom two-day course on Agile and Agile Project Management. I was so pleased with how it turned it out, I’ve decided to offer it publicly here in Atlanta. The course uses real life examples and project simulations so folks leave with some really solid anchor points and confidence that they can go back to their companies and actually do this stuff.

Since this is my first public course, I am practically giving the training away. Super early bird is $295 for both days, early bird is $395, and full price is $495. If you ask, I might even send you an additional 20% off for being a reader Leading Agile ;-) It is a great course and I think you’ll get a lot out of it. Hope to see you there!
Course Overview:
Agile is not a one size fits all methodology… your Agile training shouldn’t take a one size fits all approach! This course is designed to create an emergent experience based on the unique needs of each individual class. We use the same planning techniques to run the class that you will learn while in the class. Be prepared to fully immerse yourself in learning the fundamentals of agile project management and leadership, by participating in a class that is structured to run just like a real agile project.

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers and Project Managers that will be actively running agile projects
  • Team Members that need to know how to deliver working software on an agile project
  • Senior Leaders that want a hands on experience working in an agile environment

What You Will Learn?

Here is our preliminary backlog, but like we said, be prepared to inspect and adapt and change as we go!

Day One

  • Background and history of Agile methodologies
  • The importance of collaboration (exercise)
  • Overview of agile principles, values, and practices
  • The basic mechanics of Agile
  • The importance of flow (exercise)
  • The cultural impact of Agile
  • User stories, estimation, and release planning
Day Two
  • Learn how to run an effective sprint/iteration planning meeting
  • Learn how to run an effective daily stand-up meeting
  • Learn how to run an effective sprint/iteration retrospective
  • Understanding Scrum Roles: ScrumMaster, Product Owner, and Team
  • Servant leadership (exercise)
  • The role of traditional managers
  • Common impediments to adopting agile
  • Advanced topics as defined by the class
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  1. Anonymous

    The beyond the basics agile training course you provide looks like something I would definately be interested in.


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