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Agilepalooza Atlanta!

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Agilepalooza Atlanta!

Hey everyone! VersionOne has finally decided to do an Agilepalooza in my hometown… and VersionOne’s hometown for that matter… Atlanta, GA. The event is on February 26th and you guys have to come.

This will be my third ‘palooza and each one has been an excellent, excellent event. These guys bring in great speakers and deliver a lot of information for a really reasonable price, only $69. This is not a marketing event… it’s not a sales pitch… it’s not a product demo… it’s a mini Agile conference right in your own back yard. We’ll learn a lot and have a blast doing it, I promise!

Right now we’ve got yours truly doing two talks… one talk will be on the learning agility stage, the other on the advancing agility stage. We also have George Schlitz from Big Visible and Lee Henson from VersionOne. Head over to for more information on the lineup and how to register.
If you are within 300 miles of Atlanta, there is no reason to miss this event. I’ll look forward to seeing you there!

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