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Agile Coach Camp, North Carolina, March 19-21

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Agile Coach Camp, North Carolina, March 19-21

Are you registered for the Agile Coaches Camp this month in Durham, NC? If not, you should. I’ll admit… I was a bit skeptical about the first Agile Coach Camp in Ann Arbor. The guys at VersionOne asked me if I wanted to go. I was like… fly to Michigan… on a weekend… with no agenda… no speakers… we all just get together and figure it out? Sounded like a train wreck to me, but for some reason, I went anyway.

Needless to say, I had never been to an Open Space conference…

I learned that there is something very powerful about being a room full of passionate people that are trying to make the world of software development a better place. It was a pretty amazing experience… some of the closest relationships I have in the agile community were formed at the last Agile Coach Camp. Nothing like a couple of late nights, talking about agile stuff while smoking cigars and drinking martini’s, to bond a group of strangers together!
Head over the the AgileCoachCamp Wiki for more information about the camp and links to register. I have no doubt this camp will be as powerful as the last one. Seriously… you gotta be there… I’ll be there… go… register now!
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