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Bye, bye PJ’s… Hello Brown Bag Deli

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Bye, bye PJ’s… Hello Brown Bag Deli

A few months ago, my favorite coffee shop closed. This was the primary place I’d go to write this blog and where I was always the most productive writing the book. The vibe was cool and I had a great view of a nearby park. Needless to say that I was profoundly disappointed when they shut their doors.

For a while the place was empty, but a couple of weeks ago, the new owners tipped their hat and put up a sign. We were getting a place called the Brown Bag Deli. I happened by today and noticed the place was open. I’m now sitting in my favorite corner but in totally different surroundings.

It’s kinda surreal, and it’s sounds odd, but it feels okay. Kinda like I have my favorite writing place back. Sorry for the diversion, but given this location’s role in the life of this blog… I didn’t want the moment to go unnoticed.

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  1. Bob Williams

    I have not been to Brown Bag Deli yet, but it's on my list to get to. I'm happy that it's open and has removed the empty slot at Town Center.


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