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Agile Atlanta in July… Dennis Stevens and Kanban!

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Agile Atlanta in July… Dennis Stevens and Kanban!

Next Tuesday, July 6th, Dennis Stevens will be teaching us how to get started with Kanban.

Speaker: Dennis Stevens
Date: July 6th, 6:45 PM
Location: Matrix Resources, 115 Perimeter Center Place, Suite 250 (South Terraces Building – facing Dillard’s at Perimeter Mall)

Learn what Kanban is and how to implement it on your teams. Kanban Software Development focuses on the flow of work to lower delays to delivery and increase quality. It provides significant visibility into how a team works, enabling evolutionary improvement and an improved relationship with management. Kanban can be used in a wider range of environments than many Agile methods because of its ability to be tailored. It also compliments existing Agile methods as it scales beyond the development team and across more complex efforts. There will be plenty of time for Q&A to learn how Kanban may specifically fit into your environment.

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