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Southern Fried Agile Conference… It’s Gravy for your Brain!

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Southern Fried Agile Conference… It’s Gravy for your Brain!

I wanted to let everyone know about a new regional conference coming up on July 23rd. The conference is called Southern Fried Agile. Pillar is sponsoring and helping organize the event in partnership with the Agile Carolinas group. The conference is featuring many of the premier Agile Coaches in the Southeast. We’ll have three tracks… one for those learning agile… one for more advanced practitioners… and an open space so you guys can get in on the action.

Speakers and Talks:

Mike Cottmeyer – Getting Started with Agile
Bill Gainennie – All That You Need to Know is that It’s Possible
Joe Little – What’s Lean Got to do with it?
Dennis Stevens – Using Agile and Lean to Lean Business Transformation

Paul & Ian Culling – Collaborative Chartering and Story Mapping
Bill Krebs – 10 Years of Scrum Meetings
Jared Richardson – Agile Testing Strategies
Mike Cottmeyer – How to Own a Really Big Complex Product

Head over to the Southern Fried Agile site for more information about the conference, the sessions, and our speakers. We’ve also got a link for you guys to register… and at only $49 for a full day of agile goodness, you’d be crazy not to make this happen! If you are within three or four hours of Charlotte, NC… this is a must attend event.

Remember… It’s Gravy for Your Brain
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