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InfoQ Sessions from LeanSSC 2010

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: InfoQ Sessions from LeanSSC 2010

Early this year, I was fortunate to get involved with the planning and execution of the LeanSSC conference here in Atlanta. I didn’t do much heavy lifting at all, but was able help coordinate with InfoQ so we could get some of the sessions recorded and out on the net. Here is a listing to all the talks that were recorded and links to the InfoQ site so you can check them out:

The Easy Road to FLOW Goes through a Town named LEAN by Don Reinertsen

Single Piece Flow in Kanban, a How-To by James Shore and Arlo Belshee

The Limited Red Society by Joshua Kerievsky

The Need For Enterprise Agility – Vision and Case Study by Alan Shalloway

Standard Work and The Lean Enterprise by Alan Chedalawada

Risk, Lean Development & Profit: Getting Back to Basics by Bob Charette

Kanban for Video Game Production by Clinton Keith

Sibling Rivalry: Can lean approaches help integrate systems and software engineering? by Rich Turner

Teaching Lean and Kanban by Russell Healy

Making the Work Visible by Alisson Vale

Kanban and Accelerated Emergence of High Maturity by David Anderson

Through the Lean Looking Glass by Christophe Louvion

The Lean Change Agent’s Mantra by Siraj Sirajuddin

Feature Bits: Enabling Flow Within and Across Development Teams by Erik Sowa and Rob Loh

Feeding the Agile Beast by Dean Stevens

Lean Lessons Learned by Tim Wingfield

Reformulating the Product Delivery Process by Israel Gat, Eric Huddleston, Stephen Chin

The Power of Visibility: Driving a Lean-Agile transition by Kelley Horton

It’s all great content… hope you enjoy!
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