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San Francisco Agile Conference 2011

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: San Francisco Agile Conference 2011

I was supposed to speak at this conference as well, but a couple of weeks ago realized that I had desperately screwed my calendar. I’m chaperoning 12 kids at BSA Summer Camp next week… the problem was that I had camp on my calendar for the week before.

Once I figured out my mistake, Agilemeister (Angeline Tan) was very understanding, and gave me a Get Out of Jail Free card.  For that… I will be forever grateful.

If your not already planning to attend next week, this might be a little late… but here is some information on the conference and a link to the website. There are some great speakers involved… I hope you guys can make it.

SFAgileCon 2011 Overview

The Lean Startup portion on the first day of the conference focuses on topics and activities that led to startups deliver value through minimally valuable product they create by pivoting often and in short iterations. Be it programmers, testers, designers, and others who build software, this day’s program will provide participants a day of sessions on how to do this better.

Information Technology are constantly demanding more, faster and at lesser cost. This  portion of the second day program focuses on topics from those who have leveraged capabilities of Product Managers, Project Managers, Development Teams  and Customer Feedbacks to rapidly deliver business value using Agile. This second day program will  present practices and share approaches to understanding what’s valuable and how to use Agile to bring into reality from visions by knowing and delivering the right value at the right time.

Whether you are just an Agile neophyte or a seasoned Agile Practitioner, the third day program in Leadership & Coaching portion of the program will focus on leaderships and coaching skills essential for continual improvement  responding to the inevitable change. Whether you are an Agile leader, stakeholder,  or an Agile coach leading cultural change across an organization or a team, the day’s program will provide a range of sessions, challenging your views while sharing tools and practices to better results.

For more information, or to register… head over to  It’s going to be a great event… I am very sorry to miss it.  


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