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Welcome Derek Huether and Denise Taylor to LeadingAgile

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Welcome Derek Huether and Denise Taylor to LeadingAgile

Hey everyone… LeadingAgile is growing again.

Derek Huether of The Critical Path and Zombie Project Management fame is joining LeadingAgile effective this afternoon.  Derek is going to be busy right out of the gate helping us spin up public training around the Southeast and assisting with some of our larger client engagements.  I’ve known Derek since my days at VersionOne… back when he was still doing government work at the National Archives. It’s great to have the opportunity to work with someone you know, trust, like, and respect… who also happens to be a great agile coach.. and incidentally shares the same love of coffee and beer!  Click here for more info on Derek.

Welcome Derek!

Denise Taylor joined LeadingAgile back in January as our Office Manager.  Right after Dennis and Dean joined in 2011 and we hired Rick… I knew LeadingAgile was going to need some office help pretty quick.  I’ve known Denise nearly my entire life and she is a great friend… a great person… and is super awesome at keeping our finances in-line and doing all the administrative stuff I don’t have time to do.  Denise also happens to be my sister… which only means she has practice looking after me and doesn’t put up with any of my crap.  That last bit may be her most valuable skill and key to her long term success with LeadingAgile ;-)

Welcome Denise!


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