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Agile and the Nature of Decision Making – Agile 2012


Agile and the nature of decision making from Dennis Stevens I had about 100 people show up for the workshop. There was really good participation in the workshop. Most walked away with a clearer understanding of how important it was to be intentional about managing risk on Agile projects in the Enterprise. Over a third […]

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Agile Program and Portfolio Management – Agile2012 Slide Deck


Agile Program and Portfolio Management from Mike Cottmeyer 220 people signed up for this talk but I think the room was at capacity at about 125 or 150.  Great turnout and lots of great discussion.  Mary Poppendieck came to my talk and said it was excellent.  That is very humbling. Even better that she came […]

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Best quote so far from Agile 2012


If you’re curious what is happening this week, the entire LeadingAgile team is here in Dallas, Texas at Agile 2012.  Dennis and Mike are presenting and Dean, Rick, Jesse, and myself (Derek) have been helping PMI man their booth, communicating the facts of the Agile Community of Practice and the Agile Certified Practitioner certification.  This […]

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No Excuses


I’ve been an avid photographer for 10+ years. There have been times where I’ve fallen into a trap. A trap where I didn’t shoot because conditions weren’t perfect which often made me convince myself that I needed to be somewhere else to do so. Somewhere else that has great views, cool vistas, and the list […]

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