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Welcome Eric Kristfelt and Kate Kelley to LeadingAgile

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Welcome Eric Kristfelt and Kate Kelley to LeadingAgile

Just a quick note to let you guys that LeadingAgile is continuing to grow.  This time we aren’t adding more consultants… we are adding more infrastructure!

First… I’d like to welcome Eric Kristfelt as our new Director of Business Development.  Eric and I have known each other since our days together at VersionOne.  Eric sold me into my first long term consulting gig with those guys.  It was quite a coup ‘cuase VersionOne doesn’t usually do that kind of coaching.  The gig just happened to be in our backyard and in my area of domain expertise… financial services.  It was a good fit so we grabbed it.  Anyway… Eric and I stayed in touch after I left V1 so when he was ready to make a move, we talked.

Given that we are partners with VersionOne… this kind of stuff can get pretty dicey.  Everything was handled above board and with VersionOne’s full blessing.  It was all very cool and we are looking forward to having Eric on board to help fuel our already rapid growth!

Next… I’d like to welcome Kate Kelly onto the team.  I’ve known Kate literally since elementary school and Denise and Kate have been friends forever.   As we’ve grown, sometimes the amount of back office stuff takes more time than Denise can give.  Kate joined the team to help Denise with the overflow in the short term… but long term she gives us extra bandwidth to support our growing team while we are out on the road working with clients.

Anyway… please join me in welcoming Eric and Kate to the team!  We are SUPER excited to have both of the on board!

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  1. Sameer Bendre

    Congrats to Leading Agile family for new members addition and wishing a great future ahead!

  2. Priya Sethuraman

    Congrats on the continued success and growth! All the best…


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