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Introduction to Visual Management and PMI

Reading: Introduction to Visual Management and PMI

I just got back from the PMI Global Congress in Vancouver, British Columbia.

My lack of fancy pants went pretty much unnoticed.  I brought plenty of energy (and coffee) to my session and it appears people were very happy with the results.  I was referred to, at one point, as the Energizer Bunny and even the PMI quoted me.

I definitely left people wanting more.  It was an introductory talk and I only had 1:15 to present.  With 20 minutes dedicated to people in the audience working together to create their own Visual Control Systems, I found myself all over the room.

It was great to meet people I’ve known for several years via the blog and through the PMI Agile CoP.  It was also great to meet so many new people excited about Agile becoming more mainstream.

Side note: If you saw me limping during my session and at the Congress, it was because I had a fractured heel.  I guess my OJ Simpson run through the airport to make my flight did it.

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