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Join us for “Intro to the Agile Mindset”

Reading: Join us for “Intro to the Agile Mindset”


I’m really excited to announce that I (Jesse Fewell) will be appearing TOMORROW for the latest PMI Agile Community’s Tweetchat. The topic is “Intro to the Agile Mindset”. We will all be on Twitter TOMORROW, April 2nd at 12pm EDT (Eastern US). The hashtag will be #pmiagile and I’ll be tweeting as @jessefewell with some commentary by @leadingagile.

Some of the proposed questions include:

  • Q1: What is an Agile Mindset? #pmiagile
  • Q2: How do I adopt an Agile Mindset? #pmiagile
  • Q3: What barriers are there to an Agile Mindset within organizations? #pmiagile
  • Q4: How does an Agile Mindset impact teams? #pmiagile
  • Q5: Is Agile the same as Scrum? #pmiagile

Hope to see you then

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