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Agile Methodology Presentation: The Top Five Slide Decks

Reading: Agile Methodology Presentation: The Top Five Slide Decks

If you’re looking for the best, Agile Methodology slide decks that the web has to offer—then I suggest you check out this list.

We’ve scoured the web to pull together a few of the greatest Agile Methodology slide decks we could find. Maybe your Agile journey is just starting out, or maybe you’re well on your way and just looking for ways to improve—we know these decks will help.

1st Agile Methodology Slide Deck

Our first presentation was presented by Mike Cottmeyer and Dennis Stevens at the Agile2013 conference. The presentation explains how to create safety and visibility for management when doing an enterprise-wide agile transformation.

 2nd Agile Methodology Slide Deck

Our second presentation was presented at the 2013 PM Symposium in Washington DC by Derek Huether. This presentation explains how to be successful with Agile at Scale by putting culture last and predictability first.

 3rd Agile Methodology Slide Deck

Our third presentation is from Rick Austin. This presentation covers how to do story mapping and requirements decomposition.

4th Agile Methodology Slide Deck

Our fourth presentation was presented by Mark Kilby at the South Florida Agile Conference. This presentation discusses the five sources of conflict and various tools to help your team navigate it for better collaboration

5th Agile Methodology Slide Deck

Our fith presentation is from Dennis Stevens. This presentations describes an approach to integrating Risk Management into Agile in the Enterprise.


I hope you found these Agile Methodology PPTs helpful. I hope that if you are just starting your Agile journey these presentations inspire you to take the next step. If you are well down the path of your Agile journey, I hope these Agile Methodology PPTs provided you some ideas on how to improve.

What other types of presentations would you like to see?

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