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Kicking Off LeadingAgile 2016

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Kicking Off LeadingAgile 2016

This time of year is always a great time for me. As a consultancy, what happened in November and December has already happened. There isn’t anything we can do to influence it.

January is similarly fixed because there isn’t much you can do to get people busy if it’s not already on the books.

We put a ton of energy into making sure we close our old year well and are set ourselves up for the first month or two of the new year.

What that means from a business perspective, is that the last two weeks of December, and the first two weeks of January, are incredibly quiet.

This is my 6th year running LeadingAgile and there is a clear pattern emerging. When I get the noise of running the company to quiet down, I get creative and want to write.

Over the past few weeks I’ve shelled out something over 20 blog posts that I just need to type up and get on the site.

We’ve been working on company strategy and have a ton of changes in the works for the website as we build out infrastructure to explore the new directions.

We’ve got Agile2016 in our home town this year and are looking forward to throwing the biggest party you’ve seen at an agile conference… ever.

As a company, we’ve put a ton of energy into building a rock solid business infrastructure and plan to fully leverage that infrastructure to do some cool things in the new year.

I’m super excited to get 2016 going. Looking forward to having all you guys along for the ride!

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Comments (3)

  1. Sameer Bendre

    Happy new year, Mike and leading agile team. Looking forward to your posts!
    Hope to catch up with you soon.
    Wishing LeadingAgile team a stellar 2016!

  2. Bob Williams

    It’s a new year and you’ve got a new saddle to ride-in. Keep writing Mike.

  3. Christopher Avery

    Congratulations Mike on your clarity of purpose and execution.


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