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Takin’ it to the Streets: Agile Day Atlanta 2017

Reading: Takin’ it to the Streets: Agile Day Atlanta 2017

What if—for one day—you could get some of the most brilliant minds in Agile to share their best ideas for solving tough problems facing your business today? That’s what Agile Day Atlanta is all about: getting those minds together, so you can “take it to the streets” in your company.

We’ll kick off with an expert panel of executives who’ve already led the charge in large-scale Agile transformations. Facilitated by our CEO and Founder Mike Cottmeyer, this panel will explore high-level challenges and give you perspective on how to handle tough issues. Have your questions ready.

Next, whether you’re focusing your energy on transformation, metrics to measure progress, or improving the Agile environment, Agile Day Atlanta has a track for you.

If your plans are centered on transformation, pick the Traffic Planning track to boost your efforts. You’ll learn from speakers like:

  • Danny Presten, from Equifax, who will highlight time-and-effort-saving lessons learned in transforming a 100-year-old, Fortune 500 company.
  • Melissa Oberg, from Fiserv, who will discuss the value in creating model transformation teams that can be duplicated throughout a global enterprise.
  • Tonya Mompoint, from CareerBuilder, who will present a case study of how CareerBuilder used a unique Lean approach to scale Agile.

If your transformation is in place but you need smart tools for measuring team health, progress, and results, go for the Traffic Calming track. You’ll get the heads up from speakers like:

  • John Tanner, from LeadingAgile, who will explain how to use goal-oriented measures (GQM) in software organizations.
  • Rob Gordick, from Daugherty, who will teach you about everything from coaching techniques to Agile core values to Lean and Agile approaches (like Scrum, XP, and Kanban) to the healthy psychology necessary for Agile to be successful.
  • Daniel Vacanti and Prateek Singh, from Ultimate Software, will show you new methods for accurately predicting project completion in the real world.

If you’d like to learn about using best practices and avoiding pitfalls, choose the Traffic Patterns track to fine tune your Agile processes. You’ll find out all the nitty gritty from speakers like:

  • Mike Clement, from Greater Sum, who will introduce you to Mob Programming, techniques critical for its success, and irrelevant practices you can toss.
  • Jeremy Kriegel, from BzzAgent, who will divulge the secrets your customers wish you knew and teach you how to construct a repeatable framework for finding and addressing your biggest risks.
  • David Laribee, from Nerd/Noir, who will present about the most productive testing models in use today and illuminate their various nuances from personal experience, real world example, and case study.

This non-profit, volunteer-driven event is sponsored by LeadingAgile, VersionOne, and CareerBuilder. Proceeds will go to the Atlanta chapter of Power My Learning, a national non-profit committed to empowering underprivileged children in their education.

And, when the tracks are done, plan to kick back with us at the VersionOne offices with BBQ, drinks, and live music.

No matter where you’re heading in Agile, this one-day extravaganza (held in lovely Cumming, GA, northeast of Atlanta proper) can help you get there better and faster.

Seats are limited so be sure to sign up soon!



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