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Mike Cottmeyer’s Agile 2018 Talk: Deck and White Paper

Tim Zack
Reading: Mike Cottmeyer’s Agile 2018 Talk: Deck and White Paper

The Talk, The Presentation, and The White Paper

First, we’d like to thank all of you that were able to attend Mike’s talk at Agile 2018. We know that it was a lot of information to digest, so we wanted to send you home with a little something extra to make sure that all the ideas and concepts remain fresh in your mind. That’s why we’re giving you his deck to take with you, and a white paper that will continue to build the case that a systems-first Transformation is truly the only option.

If you weren’t there for the talk…no worries. We guarantee that the white paper will still provide you with some great insight into what makes Agile work…we mean really work.

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Tim Zack is a digital native with almost 10 years experience solving marketing problems with technology. Tim’s strengths are in strategic planning, UX, analytics, marketing automation, content and search marketing. Leveraging his experience across multiple industries, Tim drives marketing strategy for LeadingAgile.

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