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The Three Things You Need For Agile Transformation

Reading: The Three Things You Need For Agile Transformation

Agile Transformation is fundamentally about Three Things: forming teams, building backlogs, and having the ability to produce working, tested software. If we don’t these Three Things then Transformation fails.

To uncover everything you need to know about The Three Things, check out LeadingAgile CEO Mike Cottmeyer’s on-demand webinar series Preparing for Agile Transformation here:

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  1. David Pacheco

    There are two levels of change opportunities:
    The first is the technical development teams that are changing from waterfall to agile strategies.
    The second change effort focused on those whom the agile-developed products will impact. This is the larger lift as agile by its nature has users continually climbing out of a learning curve. Change becomes an effort to enable users to adapt to an environment where change is constant and personal work habits are continually impacted. At USCIS, our transformation worked right up to the mutiny when users rebelled against the need to change their process with every release.


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