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Ushering in a New Era of Agile

Reading: Ushering in a New Era of Agile
Ushering in a New Era of Agile

Business now moves faster than ever. Some call it market speed, others call it Business Agility. But if your company can’t deliver an ever-evolving set of customer-facing, customer-satisfying functions that support the core mission of the company, someone else is working hard to make sure that they can.

And how is management looking at the world? Through metrics that tell you what happened in the past. The past year, quarter, even month. These numbers are too late. The functional pillars of your organizations are struggling. And culture changes aren’t going to make a difference. Here’s what does:

  • Structural changes that deliberately link organizations to what is delivered to customers.
  • Agile development processes that are laser focused on customer value.
  • Organizational alignment tools that work from the top down (and yes, feeds back ideas, too).
  • Metrics that matter: the few key numbers that make sure everyone knows where they are and how far along they are in achieving their goals. And that add up to companies delivering on their goals.

We should all be talking about how to structure organizations, with real constraints, in such a way that they’re able to unlock the benefits of Agile. At the end of the day, the System of Delivery you choose doesn’t really matter, what matters is creating a System of Transformation that enables that System of Delivery.

So, why aren’t more people applying Agile in this context? Well, because it’s hard.

It’s much easier to sell you a bill of goods, come in and do some hand-waving, throw some sticky notes on a wall, and dub your organization Transformed than it is to walk into a room full of executives and discuss how you’re going to incrementally build the capability to be Agile within their organization.

This is our opportunity to flip the conversation and bring the topics of real, sustainable Agile Transformation and achieving true Business Agility to the forefront.

That’s why we’re introducing the Elevate Agile Conference.

What’s the Goal?

Elevate Agile is a one-day event that’s dedicated to elevating the topics of Agile Transformation and Business Agility beyond the realm of practices and bringing together the Leaders of Business Agility who have been charged with navigating the complexity of enterprise Transformation.

The goal is to thrust Agile Transformation into the same light as digital transformation, product and service enablement, business model transformation, digital customer & employee experience, and operations improvement in an effort to promote Agile as a first-tier solution to the business problems that large, complex organizations are facing.

Is Elevate Agile For Me? 

Rather, Elevate Agile is for Transformation leaders looking to connect the dots between methodology and better business outcomes. It’s for those of you who are passionate about leading change in large, complex enterprise environments and who are focused on the business results that stem from Transformation.

So, if you’re new to Agile, this probably isn’t the conference for you. There won’t be any Agile 101 tracks or Sprint Planning workshops, and you won’t learn how to run a better daily standup.

Check out the speaker lineup and get your tickets today.

Use the code ELEVATE30 to get 30% off at checkout.

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