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Why is Data Science Important?

Reading: Why is Data Science Important?

LeadingAgile’s Adam Jennison and Dan Smith have collectively spent decades in product management roles in multiple organizations for data-driven products.

In a time where it’s nearly impossible to separate products and services from data science, data science is fundamental to success. With so much digital information being produced, leveraging it is imperative to being competitive in any market.

How you think about data is important—but how your organization uses it is even more important. If you aren’t actively managing, governing and operationalizing your data, you will inevitably fall behind.

So, what does it mean to use data in your organization? How usable and valid is your data? Where do you begin?

Adam and Dan’s conversation answers these questions and more in their discussion about the importance of data science. Reach out with any questions about the discussion or just to connect on the topic.

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