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The Evolution of Our Approach to Business Transformation

Reading: The Evolution of Our Approach to Business Transformation

The foundations of business Agility are based on teams that can deliver increments of value.

But what we discovered early on in the LeadingAgile journey was that there was more than a business strategy problem. What we found was that there was actually a teaming problem.

We could see that team-level Agile wasn’t working without the right kinds of teams to deliver with Agility, and the right conditions in place to make those teams successful.

So we evolved our approach from this foundation and began to connect the dots between how to organize and form the right kinds of teams and how to simultaneously address other essential concerns—like managing dependencies.

In this video, Mike Cottmeyer talks about the underpinnings of our approach and how it has evolved into a systematic way to refactor organizations at scale—and create the conditions where Agile can thrive and produce the best business outcomes.

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