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Get to a Definition of Done for Any Product

Reading: Get to a Definition of Done for Any Product

We’re exploring why we use the term working, tested product to broaden the scope of what Agile can do and how it can be applied in any business context.

One of the foundations of Agile is that you must be consistently producing a working, tested increment of software—or product— at the end of every sprint or time period.

The ability to produce increments of working tested software or product allows developers to be adaptable to respond to shifts in requirements, work out technical problems along the way, and provide a product at the end of the predetermined period that can be presented to a client or customer and work. It gives an organization time to receive and respond to customer feedback, improving each iteration of the software or product.

With consistent delivery, it can improve predictability, stabilize velocity, and enables the organization to adapt in real-time to market demands and customer needs.

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