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Agile Transformation Q&A with Mike Cottmeyer

Reading: Agile Transformation Q&A with Mike Cottmeyer

Implementing Agile is about more than adopting a new methodology or working to change your culture. If the systems aren’t present to support those two things, Agile won’t succeed. These are common misconceptions about Agile that can lead more organizations to failure than success. So, what works instead?

Mike Cottmeyer sits down to explore common questions about Agile and how our approach helps better prepare organizations to support Agile and achieve sustainable Business Agility.

Questions covered:

What are we trying to get the industry to understand about Agile?

What factors are leading organizations astray?

Why aren’t methodologies like Scrum, SAFe, and LeSS enough?

Are Digital Transformation and DevOps part of the solution?

What are some misconceptions about Agile Transformation?

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