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Creating an Agile Transformation Roadmap

Reading: Creating an Agile Transformation Roadmap

When you create an Agile Roadmap, it’s all about getting people to change and making the change sustainable and lasting. But change is hard and people tend to resist it. The thing is what derails Transformation isn’t actually your teams and executives not wanting to change, more often it’s that they don’t actually see how to get from point A to B safely and pragmatically.

All they can see is the magnitude of what must happen. The impediments, the dependencies, and resistance—and they don’t know what to do about it all.

But if you can provide a pragmatic roadmap, or plan of attack for how to deal with dependencies, overcome resistance, and clear organizational impediments, you’ll find your people and executives are actually very willing to change and will buy into it.

In this video, Mike Cottmeyer explores what’s required to create an Agile Roadmap so the organization can get a really clear plan for what kinds of changes are going to be made, when, how to get started and get executive buy-in, who is going to make the changes, what to expect along the way. Watch the video and find out how to get everyone to see what’s possible, create safety for your people and your business, and build trust along the way.


At :50, Mike answers the question What is an Agile Transformation Roadmap? Then, at 01:08 you’ll hear a Step-by-Step Guide to Agile Transformation. At 6:50 explore How to Measure Success in Agile Transformation and at 12:42 find out How Leadership Can Leverage an Agile Roadmap.

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