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Agile Change Management for Large Companies

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Agile Change Management for Large Companies

Organizational change management in Agile is used as a systematic approach to managing the Transformation process to support the people and the organization to adapt to the changes required. It’s essential to implement strategies for effecting change, controlling it, and helping people adapt—and ensure that progress is being made to achieving Transformation goals the way it needs to be.

Transformation can be held back to a snail’s pace or fail altogether without a clear plan for change and managing the challenges of changing an entire organization. It’s common to encounter resistance to change from your people because change could mean that they have to learn new skills, adapt to a new team structure, or worry that their job might go away. Because of that, a good change management strategy encompasses both the people and organizational changes needed, with a plan to support both along the way.

This video highlights how we approach change management at LeadingAgile and how we support our clients moving through an Agile Transformation. We also explore how to work with organizations to figure out who is responsible for change management, how to overcome common challenges, and how leaders need to support their teams through the Agile Transformation process. By openly communicating with your teams, bringing them into the change plan, and supporting their worries along the way, Transformation progress will proceed much more smoothly and lead to sustainable Business Agility.

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