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Financial Services company improves predictability

Reading: Financial Services company improves predictability

An award-winning $5.1 billion financial services and technology company with more than 14,000 clients, providing solutions for mobile and online banking, payments, risk management, data analytics, and core account processing needed to improve predictability of its global payments division and shorten time to ROI on new products and enhancements.

To achieve that goal LeadingAgile worked with the client to define its model for establishing stable teams across multiple product lines, creating proper backlogs, and enableing teams to deliver frequently. LeadingAgile moved the first part of the organization in one year, and defined a roadmap to incrementally affect change across their organization. In one specific business unit LeadingAgile’s engagement resulted in drastic improvements to the business unit’s predictability, ultimately leading to a 98% on time delivery rate for completed projects. Of 100 projects completed using LeadingAgile’s recommended Agile practices, only two were delivered late, and that was due to external factors outside of the business unit’s control. They also reported a substantial increase in throughput, allowing the teams to deliver more value to market, faster, than before the transformation effort began.

Through consulting, coaching, and training, the client was able to implement agile governance and metrics at the portfolio, product, and delivery team levels, supporting large mission-critical programs across multiple business units. Once momentum was established and the changes began to take hold, LeadingAgile transitioned focus to helping the client establish an internal transformation capability to sustain the changes long term.

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