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Creating Psychological Safety for Your People to Change

Mike Cottmeyer Chief Executive Officer
Reading: Creating Psychological Safety for Your People to Change

You want autonomous teams who are empowered to do great work. But leadership is constantly micromanaging everything you do. You want the freedom to collaborate, do team-building exercises, and have fun. But you feel that leadership is judging your every move. You want a different culture, but leadership keeps getting in the way.

Maybe you’re not seeing the big picture. Perhaps you’re only thinking about the change you want to see and not considering everyone’s concerns.

In this talk, we’ll use personality profiling to understand what’s getting in the way of the culture conversation and what different people value in the workplace. Utilizing that understanding, we’ll explore how your operating model, teaming strategies, governance models, and measurements predict the kind of culture you can achieve.

Finally, we’ll discuss how to systematically introduce the organizational changes that make it possible to think, behave, and deliver in a truly Agile manner.

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