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Why I’m Not Passionate About Agile


I’ve worked for LeadingAgile for the better part of four years.  Did you hear that? The word is even in the name of the company that pays me.  Agile.  It used to matter to me, but now that  I’ve been an Agile practitioner for almost 15 years—I’m not even really that passionate about it. I’m […]

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A Day Without a ScrumMaster


As an Agile Coach, I have many stories of outright failure, misguided intentions and other disasters to share. Periodically I share these tales, both as a warning to those teams that don’t follow advice and to explain my battle scars from teams past. I also have many stories of success and satisfaction. I want to […]

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How Agile Helped Me Survive Being a Business Analyst


Over the last 20+ years, I’ve enjoyed more of my career as a Business Analyst than in any other role I’ve been able to play on a team. The control freak in me loves to practice my Project Management skills, the perfectionist in me always loved getting into Testing roles, the innovator in me loved […]

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With limited resources, it’s about flow – not competition


Organizations strive to be lean with their development resources, but when stakeholders are competing for those development resources it can be detrimental to the organization. The key is to manage the flow of work. How do you prioritize projects so that the organization is focused on delivering value vs. competing for resources? You do it […]

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