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Cost of Delay. What Does It Mean?


Oftentimes when I ask Product Owners how they choose which projects their teams focus on first, they don’t have a technique for prioritization.  Cost of Delay is a concept that a lot of organizations are using and that has gained traction over the years. Unfortunately, many people are still struggling with the concept of Cost […]

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Going Agile


I coach for a living. I coach companies through the journey of their agile transformation. I love what I do, and I love seeing the joy people experience when their transformation journey yields meaningful results. However, people’s joy can be lost when their expectations, e.g. I thought it would happen easily or more quickly, don’t align with reality. Often the “WHY?” for […]

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Don’t Be a Boneless Chicken!


Why We at LeadingAgile Advise Starting Agile Transformation with Structure First I grew up in the Pacific NW just south of Seattle in Tacoma, WA.  One of my favorite cartoonists, Gary Larson, is from Tacoma.  His cartoon The Far Side was a never-ending source of entertainment for me and later, my two boys. One cartoon that we […]

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