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Operationalizing Strategy with a Systems Perspective


While there are many books and much research on organizational development, this system view combined with some validated learning over time is a powerful way to look at organizational challenges as a coach/consultant. Let’s take a closer look to define these areas┬áthen apply some validated learning from my own experience. Business Outcomes – the outcomes […]

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The Power of Questions in Artifact Design


Effective coaches use powerful questions, not to obtain answers but to stimulate thought so insight emerges and knowledge is generated. Why not leverage this power by designing artifacts explicitly around questions? This will work for either formal artifacts used to capture and persist knowledge, or informal artifacts used to guide a conversation or workshop. In […]

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Coaching the Agile Architect – Creating Value, Ensuring Quality, and Empowering Change


Coaching the Agile Architect As an Agile Coach, I typically find two shifts in perspective helpful for new agile architects: first, the possibility of delivering slices of functionality (typically prioritized by risk or value) and second, the possibility of delivering slices of architecture required to support incremental delivery. I experienced this perspective change personally in […]

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