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Balanced Professional Interest

Warning: Preachy content. In working with technical people at the individual and team levels, I often find attitudes that pull toward one extreme or the other: Either our work is […]

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The Importance of Imports in Java

A tweet from Kevlin Henney in August 2018 reopened an old can of worms: The “issue” has never seemed a Big Deal® to me. Even so, a couple of things […]

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Hidden Business Rules in Legacy Code

Large organizations are often hesitant to replace very old legacy applications that have served mission-critical business operations for many years. In fact, they are reluctant to modify the applications at […]

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The Problem with Story Points

For starters, let me just say there’s no problem with story points. Story points are a way of expressing the relative sizes of stories. They can be helpful for short-term […]

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Live from Product404, in Atlanta: Agile RoadMapping

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 This talk covers techniques and approaches to developing and communicating roadmaps to your organization. Balancing Agility and predictability in a roadmap is a challenge, and stakeholders require transparency in […]

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