Andrew Fuqua

Enterprise Transformation Consultant

For the last few years, Andrew Fuqua has been involved in enterprise transformations through LeadingAgile. He has passion for helping organizations improve time to market, predictability, and quality, and approaches this with empathy for the people involved.
Andrew Fuqua began developing software professionally in the mid ’80s using an iterative and incremental approach. After a few years of working in not-so-agile environments, Andrew got adaptive again with a Smalltalk team in ’96. He began using eXtreme Programming in ‘99. Along the way, he held positions in software development, management, and product management. His product development experience includes work in embedded systems, network hardware, internet security, and point of sale systems. He has worked at IBM, Internet Security Systems, and Allure Global Solutions.
In ’01, Andrew was a charter member of XP Atlanta (which later became Agile Atlanta). He has lead user groups for many years, and has been a regular speaker. Andrew holds a BS/CIS from Troy University, a MS in computer science from the University of Alabama, and a MBA from Duke University.

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Always Looking Ahead


I’m always looking ahead to the next planning or the next estimating meeting. I teach this behavior to my clients whenever I’m coaching a new ScrumMaster or Product Owner. I start off by […]

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No More Sucky Demos


Ever seen a sucky demo? One that doesn’t start on time, with technology issues, too many people in the room, people on the phone not on mute, confusion over what […]

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