Andrew Fuqua

Senior Consultant

Andrew is one of LeadingAgile’s earliest team members. He’s seen the company grow from its infancy to the cutting-edge leader in the industry it is today. Andrew’s approach to Agile Transformation truly embodies LeadingAgile’s principles and philosophies in ways only time can enable.

Andrew is—what some might call—an eXtreme Programming guru. However, after years of installing XP in organizations, both large and small, he realized that it often resulted in local optimization that organizations could never fully take advantage of.

He came to understand, and is now a firm believer, that organizational Transformation is the most important thing. Andrew deems Transformation a first-order activity that’s necessary to create the conditions for effective approaches to take hold and add value. Andrew cares about your organization and wants to work closely with you to help you through your journey and achieve your desired business outcomes.

After receiving his Master’s Degree in computer science, from the University of Alabama, Andrew launched a career in software development that has since lasted over 30 years. It all started at IBM, where Andrew took on the role of a software engineer, developing OS and networking software. Soon, Andrew began managing a team of software engineers who introduced him to what would be the precursor to eXtreme Programming (XP). During this time, Andrew went back to school and got an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. It was here that he was able hone his business acumen and cultivate his ability to inspire entire organizations and move teams forward, to a common purpose. Shortly thereafter, he took the opportunity to utilize his new skills as he began to work exclusively with an XP team at Internet Security Systems as an XP coach.

In 2001, Andrew was a founding member of the XP Atlanta User Group and discovered that he had a passion for helping others use and implement XP. He became well known as a leader in XP and was asked to lecture at the Georgia State and Southern Polytechnic State Universities.

After serving as Development Director at Allure, Andrew decided to venture out on his own and start Fuqua Consulting, LLC, where he was the CEO and Principal Consultant. He came to realize that smaller teams, free of dependencies, working iteratively and incrementally was the conduit that would allow organizations to optimize ROI and achieve better business outcomes. Thus, Fuqua Consulting was born. He built his company on the back of his blog—and networking within the community. His company focused on helping organizations such as Siemens, HMS Inc., and Turner Broadcasting transition from traditional software methodologies to Agile methodologies.

In 2012, Andrew joined LeadingAgile as an Enterprise Transformation Consultant and has come to be one of the steadiest and most committed team members we have. Having been exposed to the progression of the LeadingAgile framework, Andrew has unique insight into the framework’s application and a knack for making organizations more predictable—an important step on the way to becoming Agile.

When he’s not Transforming organizations, Andrew is constantly contributing to the Agile community. Andrew is an accomplished speaker, having spoken at such conferences as: Software Testing Atlanta Conference, Agile2013, Atlanta Code Camp, and Innovate Virginia. Not just a speaker, he’s also been published in Gantthead, Agile Connection, and Agile Journal.

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