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Managing Consultant

Jeff is passionate about solving the problem that many organizations face where uncoordinated and individual goals lead to project ideas that far exceed the ability that the organization has to deliver. He strives to understand the business capabilities of each enterprise and their over-arching goals, so he can help the company work together to implement a unified strategy. Jeff takes great joy in using Agility in technology and business to deliver small, frequent solutions that further inform and prove—or disprove—the direction a team is taking.

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Jeff’s style is one that is anchored on leadership and mentoring. He’s not afraid to get down in the weeds with the teams but can also elevate himself to see things through the eyes of key stakeholders and executives. No matter what, Jeff will walk by your side as a trusted advisor and encourage you with the right approach—at the right time—in a way that suits your desired business outcomes.

Jeff has more than 25 years of experience in software delivery, working for companies such as MapQuest, Oracle, and Your Clear Next Step. Jeff spent his early career in various business analysis roles where he developed simple interfaces for various financial and inventory systems in which he identified defects in the data capturing systems. From there, Jeff ventured into the role of project manager in the industries of financial services, biotech, healthcare, government services, and consumer products. It was during his time as a project manager that he was introduced to Agile and he realized that it was the solution to the problem he had been trying to solve all along.  Jeff realized that it was never a requirements problem or a planning problem—the entire system was flawed, and the two-part answer included getting closer to the customer and following an Agile pattern of delivery. This epiphany led Jeff to develop the skills necessary to become an Agile consultant and he’s dedicated nearly 15 years of his career to doing just that.

Jeff spent the first several years of his consulting career as an independent consultant until 2014 when he joined LeadingAgile. Jeff joined our team as a Transformation Consultant and has since become a leader within our organization. He’s proven to be relentless when it comes to taking the complexity out of large organizations and helping them to understand their world through the context of The Three Things and The Four Quadrants. As an Agile champion, change agent, and calming influence he can help your organization take accountability for sustaining change. He will continuously enable you to improve the way you implement Agile practices and help your organization define and attain its own destiny. He strives to learn as much as he teaches during each engagement and wants to help. He has a proven track record of being a strategic partner in large-scale Agile Transformations with companies such as Trizetto, LegalZoom, Experian, Amway, and First National Bank of Omaha.

In addition to leading large-scale Agile Transformations, Jeff also contributes to the Agile community by speaking at conferences such as the Agile Alliance’s annual Agile conference and Agile Dev West. He’s also been a speaker, numerous times, for IIBA chapters across the nation and is an occasional blogger on our website.

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