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Senior Consultant/Technical Specialist

Joel Norman

Joel Norman is polyglot developer, and leader, focused on delivering happiness via value to the customer.  After a decade of experience in building products and teams in corporate environments, small business, and as a co-founder of a successful startup, Joel has learned that there is no silver bullet in software development. However, there are trends that lead to better results for teams; working with customers, delivering in short iterations, measuring value, setting expectations, executing, and keeping customers happy.

Joel prides himself on being a hands on leader in software craftsmanship, and attempts to code every day. His foundational skillset was built in computer science and has grown through developing products in fintech, defense, medical device, and pharmaceuticals where quality, risk management, mitigation, and compliance are the driving factors of development.  He’s a firm believer in Test Driven Development, Pair Programming, and coding Katas.