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Principal Consultant

Marty has over 30 years of management and technical experience in Agile, as well as traditional development methodologies, and has over 15 years of experience in coaching and leading teams as they transition to both Agile software development methodologies and Agile practices. Marty joined LeadingAgile in August of 2015 and brought with him extensive experience in Agile principles and in building and leading successful teams across major system platforms—focusing on teamwork and collaboration with business leaders and key stakeholders to drive innovation and business excellence.

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Marty was once the Chief Architect and Director at a large Database Marketing company, where he ran a $60M division and introduced Large Scale Scrum to the organization in an effort to combat fast changing market demands. This particular Transformation integrated the flow of work between mainframe product technologies and the next generation of service-oriented product technologies—leveraging existing products to generate new revenue.

Additionally, as the Account Manager and Principal Consultant for a small consulting firm, Marty also led a 2000-person Transformation in a large government agency.  This Transformation was structured with a combination of 20 internal and external coaches across four data centers.

Marty has been delighting customers since his days as a startup founder in 1997, back when he was using XP to build working, tested software for a multi-tier, multi-platform data integration and data quality product for closed-loop marketing/CRM databases. No matter the role, one thing is clear; Marty is an expert in seeing a clear path to success when others are convinced that the path is overgrown and are determined to fail.

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