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Managing Consultant

Will Evans

Will Evans has a wealth of experience with several of the best-known and most successful companies in experience design, healthcare, and the consumer web. He focuses on integrating lean and Agile best practices with design thinking and enterprise service design to delight customers and enhance profitability.

Essential to that effort is the development of forward-thinking organizational Transformation teams that can work seamlessly across organizational functions—an area where Will brings deep expertise. Equal parts business strategist and creative visionary, he has served as a principal and executive creative director for design organizations and functions where he built teams, a client base, and products and services from the ground up. He holds patents for several products he designed in online search and navigation.

Will has led Agile Transformation initiatives for Fortune 50 companies across a range of industries, as well as for start-ups and nonprofits. He advises clients on driving innovation and the behavioral and culture change required to support it while creating products, services, capabilities, and ecosystems that improve the bottom line.

Will is inspired by the next generation of design thinkers and Agile practitioners. He’s been a lecturer in the graduate design, technology, and business strategy programs as Design Thinker in Residence at NYU’s Stern School of Business. Will has taught design thinking with Simon Sinek at the TED Global conference. He is a Jonah, certified in Theory of Constraints by the Goldratt Institute, and more recently, he authored the book “Designing Resilience: The Strategy, Structure, and Spirit of Enterprise Agility.”