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A collection of products and services to support you on your journey to a sustainable agile transformation.

LeadingAgile is a company solely focused on leading and sustaining agile transformations. We offer a unique blend of coaching and consulting, staff augmentation, and training tailored to support the unique needs of your organization.  We do all our consulting, coaching, and training for a reasonable flat day rate regardless of service offering. This enables us to adapt the engagement as we learn more about your organization and you learn more about what we can offer.  If you need training, we train, if you need hands-on coaching, we coach.  It’s an easy model that our customers appreciate as do we.





Any agile coaching engagement needs three dimensions to be successful


We work with large organizations. Really large. We know visualizing the end state of a transformation is an important step in becoming a true partner with our clients. To achieve that goal, we collaborate with you to define a value based delivery structure, governance, and metrics that can be used to visualize your target outcome and how we are doing along the way.

A value based delivery structure will align your organization to the production of value from concept to cash. This means that cross-functional teams are formed around people that can deliver working, remediated value to your organization.

Governance is how we visualize, track, and make decisions about the work flowing through your team. We coach transparency, accountability, and doing “what you say you are going to do” to stabilize your ability to make and meet commitments.

Metrics are critical to helping leadership understand the health of the organization. As your organization matures, the need to measure incremental changes at each step along the journey is a must. Understanding metrics, what they mean, when to retire them, and how to manage to them to achieve desired outcomes is a critical learning in organizations. For each of these areas, our coaches will be there every step of the way leading the charge.


After we have a shared understanding of the flow of your work and the value structure, we will work with you to establish a pilot structure. In the process of doing this, we will identify and form teams, teach those teams, and guide the culture along the way.

When we form teams, we will build out cross-functional teams that can deliver work that is valuable to the business. Cross-functional teams are equipped with everything they need to get the job done.

When teams aren’t equipped to get the job done, we teach them. Teaching is not a silver bullet and we quickly follow teaching with coaching and facilitation of what we teach. This solidifies the ideas and values that may otherwise get lost. We do what we teach.

Along the way, your culture will be enabled to change. While we don’t specifically target changing your culture, we enable cultural change and guide it along the way. We guide the culture towards team accountability, collaboration, and helping others swarm around producing business value.


After we stand up teams, it’s time to make it stick. To accomplish a sustainable team we assess where each team is in their journey towards agility. Based on the findings and our experience, we target coaching, develop job aids, and train teams to keep them on the path toward agility. We don’t want to be at your organization forever, that’s not our mission and it’s not yours either. Sustainability is a key focus that is important to quickly embrace agile in your organization and make it stick.

Overall, this forms a change management system that allows us to incrementally iterate over your organization to a complete solution.


Our coaching team has quite a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences. Each coach is deeply experienced with agile and leading agile transformations at scale. Collectively, our people have served in startups and large enterprises at all levels of the corporate hierarchy. We offer deep experience guiding executives, middle managers, and teams. Some of our people are highly technical while some are not. What they all share is a deep passion for agile and leading agile transformations. They’re pragmatic partners and trusted advisors to help you lead your organization forward.



Get both public and private Agile training from LeadingAgile

Are you looking for Agile training? Our certified trainers are actually Agile practitioners by trade, with years of real-world experience. They come from a variety of backgrounds, allowing them to offer relevant training specific to the needs of the individual student. Both our public and private classes move at a steady but relaxing pace, delivering the right combination of applicable information, Q&A, and interactive exercises. When it’s time for your respective exam, you will pass because you understand the concepts, not because you memorized questions and answer. Sign up to receive updates from our blog and monthly newsletters, which contain details on training courses and gatherings where you can find our team.