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Agile 2018 Interviews: Day Four

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Agile 2018 Interviews: Day Four

Agile 2018

This year, at Agile 2018, we had a ton of thought leaders from the Agile community stop by the set of SoundNotes to talk about the state of the industry, give us sneak previews of their speaker sessions, and to promote their latest projects/endeavors. As always, it was a blast catching up with everyone and we’re already looking forward to next year.

We streamed all the interviews—live—on our Facebook page, but here they are again…in case you missed them.

Natalie Warnert

Natalie led two sessions at Agile 2018:
MVR: Minimally Viable Relationships (with Jenny Tarwater)
The Customer is Not Always Right… and Neither are You

For more on the Women In Agile Initiative:
Click Here. 

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Olaf Lewitz

We had the chance to sit down with Olaf to discuss the workshop he led at Agile 2018. The workshop was called:

Rekindle the Magic of Agile

Click below to learn more about “Clean Language”:

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Scott Ambler

Scott is one of the thought leaders behind Disciplined Agile. He stopped by the booth to talk about not only Disciplined Agile, but also his Agile 2018 session entitled:

Agile Architecture: Mindset, Skills, ad Practices.

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Chris Sims

Chris is the Founder and Chief Agilist over at Agile Learning Labs. He and Dave sat down to talk about value estimation and sustainable pace. Chris was also there to promote his two Agile 2018 sessions:

Your User Stories are Too Big
Business Value Estimation

Chris’s Books: The Elements of Scrum and Scrum: A Breathtakingly Brief and Agile Introduction can be found on Amazon.

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Laura Powers

Laura’s sessions at Agile 2018:

Never Would I Ever: Examining Your Agile Non-Negotiables w/ Jenny Tarwater
Say “Yes” to “No” – The Power of “No” in Agile

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Tricia Broderick

Unfortunately, the first part of this interview wasn’t recorded.

Tricia led two sessions at Agile 2018:

Stop Telling Start Experiencing 
Presentation Karaoke (with Arlo Belshee)

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Esther Derby

Esther’s Sessions at Agile 2018 were:

Creating an Environment for Successful Agile Teams
Clarity, Conditions, and Constraints: An Alternative to Top Down Control 

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John Miller

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Cara Turner

Cara presented two sessions at Agile 2018:

Shifting Diversity Through to Inclusion What Part Does My Priviledge Play (with Steve Holyer)
Codex Story: Challenging the Metrics that limit Diversity in the Software Industry

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Watch the Entire Day Four Playlist On YouTube

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