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Agile 2018 Interviews: Day One

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Agile 2018 Interviews: Day One

Agile 2018

This year, at Agile 2018, we had a ton of thought leaders from the Agile community stop by the set of SoundNotes to talk about the state of the industry, give us sneak previews of their speaker sessions, and to promote their latest projects/endeavors. As always, it was a blast catching up with everyone and we’re already looking forward to next year.

We streamed all the interviews—live—on our Facebook page, but here they are again…in case you missed them.

Johanna Rothman and Mark Kilby

Mark and Johanna Co-Presented a talk at Agile 2018 entitled: You have to Say More There: Effective Communication in a Distributed Agile Team

Their book is called From Chaos to Successful Distributed Agile Teams it can be purchased on LeanPub

Johanna led another session at Agile 2018: Agile and Lean Roadmapping

Mark also led an additional session at Agile 2018: Agile Distributed Teams—Oxymoron or Option?

Contact Info
Mark: /Twitter

Mike Cottmeyer

LeadingAgile’s very own CEO, Mike Cottmeyer, stopped by the booth to talk about his Agile 2018 speaker session entitled: Agile Transformation Explained.

To download the white paper that corresponds to Mike’s talk click the link below:
Download the White Paper

Contact Info
Mike: Twitter 

Erika Lenz and Michele Sliger

Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, the first part of this interview was not recorded.

Erika and Michele’s session at Agile 2018: Verbal Agility – Facilitation Tips and Techniques

Contact Info
Erika  Lenz: Twitter

Michele Sliger Twitter

Ron Jeffries and Chet Hendrickson

Ron and Chet’s Agile 2018 Session: Ask Us Almost Anything – Ron and Chet

Experience Agile is taking place in Lisbon, Portugal on October 1-2

Contact Info:
Ron Jeffries: Twitter

Chet Hendrickson: Twitter

Paul Argiry

Our very own CFO, Paul Argiry led a session at Agile 2018 entitled:
Addressing Your CFO’s Concerns to an Enterprise-Wide Agile Transformation

Contact Info
Paul: LinkedIn

Linda Rising

Linda’s Agile 2018 Sessions
Ask Me Almost Anything
Thinking Fast and Slow – So What Can We Do About It

Linda’s books include
The Pattern Almanac 2000
Fearless Change: Patterns for Introducing New Ideas
More Fearless Change 

Contact Info
Linda: lindarising.orgTwitter

Diana Larsen

Diana’s Sessions
Ask me Almost Anything
Going Beyond “Are we Doomed: to Sticky, Tricky and Icky?” Shining a Light on Sexism at Work w/ Sharon Buckmaster

Diana’s Books
Liftoff: Launching Agile Projects and Teams with Ainsley Nies
Agile Retrospectives with Esther Derby

Contact Info
Diana: Twitter

Bob Tarne

Bob led a session at Agile 2018 entitled: Agile Road Trip: Lessons from a Coach at Toyota

Contact Info
Bob: Twitter


Click Here to be Taken to the Day One Playlist on YouTube 

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