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Agile 2018 Interviews: Day Two

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Agile 2018 Interviews: Day Two

Agile 2018

This year, at Agile 2018, we had a ton of thought leaders from the Agile community stop by the set of SoundNotes to talk about the state of the industry, give us sneak previews of their speaker sessions, and to promote their latest projects/endeavors. As always, it was a blast catching up with everyone and we’re already looking forward to next year.

We streamed all the interviews—live—on our Facebook page, but here they are again…in case you missed them.

Jeff Patton

Jeff Patton led an Ask Me Almost Anything session at Agile 2018. And, Jeff has also authored a book called User Story Mapping

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Cass Van Gelder

Cass led a session at Agile 2018 entitled: The Flying and the Thud: Mental Health Issues on Agile Teams

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Lyssa Adkins

At Agile 2018, Lyssa and Dave sat down to  talk about Lyssa’s Inspire Me Deck, Integral Life Practice, and the concept of “shadow work.

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Lyssa on Twitter


Joe Vallone

Joe was at Agile 2018 facilitating a workshop on Business Agility with Innovation Accounting

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Sarah Klarich and Pam Corbin

Our two favorite purple shirts, stopped by the booth to talk about what volunteering to be an Agile 2018 event coordinator looks like and how you can get involved in next year’s conference.

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Sarah Klarich on Twitter

Pam Corbin on Twitter 

Dominic Price

Keynote speaker, Dominic Price came by the set to talk about his keynote speech:The Future of Work and Healthy Teams (that might ot be Agile). He also shares some stories about his adventures in scaling Atlassian

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Dominic on Twitter

David Bland

David stopped by the booth to tell us all about his talk: Lean Experiments with Agile Teams, which is about his thoughts on Lean Startup and Design Thinking and how to blend those things with Agile.

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David Bland on Twitter


Click Here to be Taken to the Day Two Playlist on YouTube 

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