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Agile Estimation A SoundNotes Tutorial

Dave Prior Senior Consultant/CST-CRM Specialist
Reading: Agile Estimation A SoundNotes Tutorial
Agile Estimation A SoundNotes Tutorial

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Estimating work in Agile is something many people struggle to understand. It’s not that it’s an especially complicated thing, but there is often confusion about things like why many people prefer to use story points instead of hours, why some people feel compelled to try and convert story points to hours (and why some of us find that so frightening), how t-shirt sizing works, and the eternal question of how do I get my teams to estimate accurately.


They’re called estimates, not exactimates for a reason.

There’s even a whole camp dedicated to the idea of not estimating work. So, if this is something you’re struggling with, you’re not alone.

This episode of SoundNotes is a brief tutorial on Agile Estimation and some of the ways you and your team could estimate work. The podcast offers some tips in general about Agile estimation, things to watch out for, how to estimate work using Story Points and Poker Planning, how to estimate work using T-shirt sizing, and–once you break your Product Backlog Items down into discrete tasks—how to estimate the using Ideal Hours. There are volumes that can be said about how to estimate work and a lot of fun “debates” to be had along the way, but if you’re struggling to understand it, if you need to get a sense of whether your current approach makes sense, or if you just want a refresher on how to go about it, this podcast should give you plenty to start working with.

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